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Grazing Tables, Brunch 
         & Appetizers

Grazing Tables are a great way to gather with your loved ones to feast like royalty. We believe that Food is Art, we are excited to share our passion for food with you. Gather around the table and let the endless conversations begin !
We accommodate Vegetarian, GF, Nut Free and Halal Diets

Request Free Take out Boxes for Leftovers!
Plates & Cutlery not included + 1.50pp for Biodegradable Bamboo 

 We do not upcharge for weddings, no hidden
fees, all pricing is on this page and can be calculated easily for your convenience (without mileage)

* Check out our Sliders & Appetizer PDF Below for Small Bites Add Ons!

1) Charcuterie Table $19 per person
Our Standard Elevated Grazing table includes Fruits, Crudites, Meats,Cheese,Nuts, Sweets Chocolates, Dried Fruit, Baguette, Crackers, Bruschetta, Spreads. Floral Garnishes and a variety of Grazing Favorites to chose from.

2)  Deluxe Charcuterie Table $29 per person
Our Luxury experience Charcuterie tables come with local farm fresh fruits, fresh prosciutto, spanish chorizo, home made feta, hummus and ricotta dips, imported cheese wheels and a luxurious selection of high end grazing items to chose from. From Gourmet French Cheese to Honey Comb, Freshly Baked Bread and House made Jams this Graze is perfect for any upscale event. Customized Desserts can be incorporated by our Team of Bakers!

3) Brunch Table $33 per person
Full Meal
(Email or Call to Discuss your Customized Menu)
Brunch on us! Waffles, Sandwiches, Lox Bagels, Quiches, Fruit Platters, Charcuterie, Breakfast Pastries, Breakfast Potatoes, Parfait or Oatmeal cups and all your favorite breakfast goodies are made fresh and displayed creatively to woo your guests. 
Coffee Station Included.
Add On Brunch Items can be requested, just ask!




15% Off All Items

Temecula Brunch Catering_edited_edited.p


Please note that our Flat Lay Tables are priced by size, although we can recommend how many each table feeds, ultimately it is up to you. You can very well order a 6ft table for your event of 200, although it won't feed everyone we know that some of our customers just want the cute aesthetic of a grazing table and have other food for their guests. Furthermore, please keep in mind this table does NOT include any decor. Upon arrival please have a table prepared with a linen. (Unless Wooden)

* Please note we will not use any decor, wooden platters, bowls, tiers provided, when tiers are used, extra food needs to be added. If you have decor you love, please book an elevated, priced per peson grazing table options (1-5 above) and we will surely use anything you hand us

Priced by Size, not by Guest Count

No Set Up Fee, No Decor Rental or Clean Up Fee

No Extra Pick Up Fee

Light Greenery Is Included


*Heavy Greenery according to your theme can be included for an additional $50

            Flat Lay Graze

Guest Count is ONLY a Recommendation, you can order the table for however many guests you'd like!

Brunch Themed Flay Lays now Available at no Extra cost.

4 ft Flat Lay Graze - $555

Approx Feeds 25-35+

6 ft Flat Lay Graze - $755

Approx Feeds 35-55+

8 ft Flat Lay Graze -$955

Approx Feeds 55-75+

10 ft Flat Lay Graze - $1,350

Approx Feeds 75-125+

12ft Flat Lay Graze - 1,590

Approx Feeds 125-150+

Feel Free to order WHATEVER size, for WHATEVER amount of guests you have. 

*If larger sizing is needed, please contact directly. 

Individual Charcuterie Options

Charcuterie Cups - $9.50 pp

Grazing Boats - $12.50 pp

Mini Grazing Boats - $8.50 pp

Grazing Cones - $8.50 pp

Stickers can be customizable according to your event,theme or company logo 

Decor Rental & Set Up, Greenery can be added on.

4) Main Meal Charcuterie Table 

$35 per person

Full Meal

Our Main Meal Charcuterie Table Includes a Combination of - -  Pulled Pork, Hamburger or Fried Chicken Sliders and or Italian, Carved Turkey, Chicken Pesto, Chicken Salad and a Variety of other House Made Sandwiches.

- Charcuterie and Fruit Display

- Hot or cold Pasta

-  1 Additional Appetizer (Bruschetta, Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Taquitos, Smoked Salmon Bites)

 - Salad 

Perfect for Corporate Lunches, Holiday Parties, Casual Events, Rehearsal Dinners, Babyshowers & More!


Flat Lay Grazing Tables

Add Reusable & Disposable Decor for you to keep for an additional Fee. Fee depends based on size of Flat Lay Ordered. 


This includes Wooden Crates, Bread Baskets, Wooden Boards, Disposable Bamboo Platters and Coconut Bowls to elevate and add height to your Graze. These items are yours to keep! 

Riverside Charcuterie.jpg

Elevated Grazing Tables

         Flat lay Grazing Tables

Important Details 

A HUGE Grazing board, for you and your loved ones.

Elegant Graze + G

3 Boards, 3 Wooden Crates for Elevation + Greenery & Carbs 


15-20 Minute Set up

Easy to assemble, comes prepped and ready to go.

Can be set up by client or by It's Graze-y Employee

Feeds 25+

6 Boards, 6 Wooden Crates for Elevation + Greenery & Carbs 


Feeds 50+

Our Grazing Tables include a variety of Greenery, Acrylic Risers, Wooden and Marble Boards, Ceramic and Glass Vases, Porcelain Platters, Candles + Holders, Cheese Cloth, Woven Baskets, Olive Wood Bowls, Tiers and Other High End Decor that will make your Grazing Table the center of attention.  Please note that our Grazing Tables can be customized to match your theme/color scheme.

ADD ONS - Appetizers

Passed Appetizer Available


Please see PDF for pricing

or contact directly 

Lunch/Casual Dinner Add Ons:

Ceviche Shooters, Empanadas, Fried Chicken Sliders, Sweet and Sour Meatballs etc..